Lower shipping costs, greater on-time delivery, and efficient end-to-end freight shipping logistics.

Complete Freight Shipping Solutions And Natural Stone Sales

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Prescott Logistics is one of the fastest growing building materials supplier and logistics company in the nation. The company is made up of logistics, wholesale building material divisions as well as buying and selling other commodities. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of your products to sell or the purchasing of ours.

Freight Transportation & Logistics

Prescott Logistics will develop a complete freight shipping solution that combines the most cost efficient modes of transportation while meeting your logistics management requirements. Prescott Logistics understands the importance of being able to depend on your transportation service to meticulously manage the logistics of freight shipping and demonstrate continual follow-thru.

Great Customer Service And Care

Prescott Logistics manages logistics and matches loads for large, small, family-owned, and start-up businesses. We serve each shipper and carrier with the highest commitment to outstanding logistics service. For shippers, this means designing the most cost effective end-to-end transportation solution that provides consistent on-time delivery. For carriers, this means providing quick payment methods and 24 hour access to view available loads.

Nationwide Transportation Network

We are not tied to a single freight shipping provider and this gives us greater transportation equipment availability to solve your freight shipping issues quickly and efficiently. We have access to the full range of transportation equipment including flatbeds, step decks, double drop, maxi, vans, refrigerated, vented vans, food grade tankers, liquid tankers, bulk tankers and intermodal transport.

Natural Stone & Building Products

Prescott-Logistics LLC, is comprised of personnel that have Over 75 combined years of knowledge in the Natural Stone and Building Materials industry. We offer a diverse line of products including a complete line of natural stone. Utilize our expertise to help you source out product(s)for your upcoming projects or stocking needs. Allow us quote freight rates for yourshipping needs with our ever growing service offered by the Logistics division of our company.

We pride ourselves with the ability to:

Complete digital catalog of products, pictures and prices
Offer competitive pricing with discount rates for quick pay
Offering split load and full truckload quantities
Complete Over the road, LTL and rail transportation services available
Surplus Sale events held frequently to help increase sales, boost your inventory and increase your buying dollar
24/7 access to all our products and services by accessing our online Catalog

Natural Stone Products

Request a product catalog and more information on natural stone and building products.

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Why Choose Prescott Logistics?

Prescott Logistics employs leading edge technologies in transport load-matching. These systems help our experts quickly locate the best freight carrier for every load. As an industry leader, Prescott Logistics understands that the internet is the bridge of successful communication between Prescott Logistics, our freight shippers and carriers. The result is lower costs, greater accuracy, and efficient end-to-end freight shipping logistics.

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