Carrier Qualification

With over 12 years of experience, Prescott Logistics now manages over 300 loads per week. Prescott Logistics understands the importance of dependable transportation services and logistics of the shipping industry and seeks dependable carriers to meet growing demands.


Prescott Logistics has a high standard of performance for Prescott Logistics carriers. To assure that these high standards of performance are served each of our load carriers must be pre-qualified. Prescott Logistics Carriers must meet the following requirements:

Proof of current operating authority.>
1 million in liability insurance.
100,000 in Cargo insurance.
Satisfactory safety rating from FMCSA.


Prescott Logistics makes payment of carrier invoices in accordance with the broker-carrier contract. Terms are 15 days the following Friday, after receipt of invoice and POD. To expedite payment, Prescott Logistics will accept paperwork via fax with original bill of lading also mailed to our office.

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