About Prescott Logistics

Prescott Logistics has over 12 years of combined experience in transportation and freight shipping. As a shipping and transportation industry expert, Prescott Logistics is committed to closely monitoring and quickly reacting to capacity fluctuations to make sure our customers receive industry leading on-time delivery rates. Prescott Logistics understands the importance of being able to depend on your transportation service to meticulously manage the logistics of freight shipping and demonstrate continual follow-thru.



Internet Based Load Matching and Communications

Prescott Logistics employs leading edge technologies in transport load-matching. These systems help our experts quickly locate the best freight carrier for every load. Our web site will soon offer freight shippers access to our load tracking system and provide freight carriers with a 24hr load-finder. As an industry leader, Prescott Logistics understands that the internet is the bridge of successful communication between Prescott Logistics, our freight shippers and carriers. The result is lower costs, greater accuracy, and efficient end-to-end freight shipping logistics.